Improve Employee Engagement with Technology

With a world of ever-increasing technology, your employees probably live their lives outside of the workplace glued to their smartphones, TVs, and laptops. If you don’t have this kind of updated tech at your workplace, they simply might not be engaged when it comes time to perform their duties. Being stuck in the 20th century in this very 21st-century world could end up putting you behind competitors, as your employees won’t have the motivation they need. Help amp up the atmosphere of the office by upgrading some aspects of your technology.

Make Training More Fun

Training is one of the most boring parts of the workplace especially when it’s on dull and common-sense topics. One way you can make this more fun for your employees is to create an app for this purpose. Anytime you can make something into a game, it goes a long way in boosting motivation and increasing what will be learned. In fact, try to invoke some competitive spirit in the training process. Track who scores the highest in comprehension tests, and offer them a reward.

Before you invest time and money into developing a training app, make sure your employees have the right technology to utilize it. Upgrading to cell phones from a carrier like T-Mobile gives you access to one of the most reliable networks on the market.

Allow Employees to Bring Their Own Devices

If you don’t have the funds to purchase all new phones for your employees, there is one other option – let them bring their own devices. Not only will this save you some money, but it will also give them just a little more freedom. They’ll feel more comfortable on their own phones, and they’ll also be able to answer important text messages and social inquiries from friends and family.

Many companies shy away from personal phone use during work, but sometimes, giving your employees a bit of autonomy can make them feel more valued and engaged.

Provide Quick Feedback

Most workplaces provide an annual or quarterly summary of an employee’s performance. While this is a great tool for knowing how to improve, reviewing this information on such an infrequent basis can feel demoralizing. Therefore, try to develop a platform that can provide instant feedback for employees to review. For example, maybe a program could monitor the number of emails sent, sales made, or revenue generated by the employee.

Such a program would also allow the employee to provide feedback to you. This two-way interaction will keep them stimulated and involved in their work.

Stimulate Peer Interaction and Recognition

These days, many different work social media platforms are popping up. Take advantage of them by signing up your company. On these websites, employees can quickly chat with one another to ask questions or learn more about one another. They can even create groups for each department and chat with the entire department at once.

Such a website is also a great place for employee recognition. Post who had the highest sales or who put in the most overtime hours so that everyone can congratulate the employee and be inspired by their dedication.

Inspire Collaboration and Brainstorming

More and more people are working from remote locations, which is a great way for them to have some autonomy in their workday. However, it’s easy to become distracted when out of the office. Therefore, encourage your employees to collaborate and brainstorm with each other as much as possible.

Download Skype on all of the office computers, and use screen-sharing applications so that employees can quickly inform others of their ideas. Make sure you’re using file sharing sites like Google Drive so that everyone can have instant access to all of the different files for a new project. You might even want to hold daily brainstorming sessions with the entire team.

In today’s day and age, there’s no reason that your employees have to feel unmotivated and unengaged while at work. There are so many advances out there that can boost morale and invigorate staff loyalty. All you have to do is start implementing them.